Monday, October 26, 2009

Carrier helps rescue man from crashed plane

Eden Prairie, MN city carrier Bob Meyers was on his lunch break when he spotted a small plane coming in at barely treetop level.

A few seconds later he heard an explosion and drove to the scene to investigate. When he arrived, he found that the plane had crashed in a wooded area and a nearby resident was already there. The left engine was on fire.

The resident had been able to help the pilot from the plane. The pilot was conscious and able to confirm that he was the sole occupant. Because of the fire, Meyers and the other Good Samaritan decided it was best to help move the pilot away from the wreck.

“We were concerned about getting him off the plane and out of there,” Meyers said later.

Paramedics then treated the pilot for his injuries. No one else was hurt in the incident and Meyers, with a full load of adrenaline racing through him, was off to deliver the rest of his route.
(Photo credit: Leah Shaffer of the Eden Prairie, MN News)

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Anonymous said...

With all the heroic stories surrounding the letter carriers, it's clear why we are the most trusted government agency. We care about people.