Friday, October 16, 2009

Breast Cancer stamp tops $67 million toward research

Since 1998, when the Breast Cancer Research Semi-postal stamp was first issued, more than $67.6 million has been funneled into research.

The National Institutes for Health receives 70 percent of the proceeds and the Department of Defense breast cancer research program receives the remaining 30 percent of the proceeds. The stamp costs 55 cents and is valid as a 44-cent stamp. The additional 11 cents charged for each stamp is directed to research at NIH and Defense.

What do you think about the stamp? Do you sell many of them? Comment here.


Anonymous said...

I have purchased this stamp only a few times, but am happy it is doing so well because of the cause. I pledge to purchase more of these stamps in the future.

Anonymous said...

I have a customer who lost her mother a few years ago to breast cancer. She says she thinks of her mother everytime she stamps a letter, because that is the only stamps that she will purchase. I think they are wonderful, but I am ready for a new design for them.