Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Handling the holidays

It is estimated that we will process and deliver about 152 million packages this Christmas Season. Top that with billions of cards and letters.

And thanks to all our efforts, our customers know we'll get the job done no matter what.

But still, it can be hard. So, how are you handling the challenges at work?

Cookies?  Christmas music on your MP3 player? Talking with family? EAP?

If you have a tip, please share it. Someone might need your idea!
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Anonymous said...

WINE! LOTS OF WINE! And if you have ANY enery left..Go hits some tennisballs!

PostMuse said...

I LOVE Anonymous' comment above!

This morning I left my mail carrier a little treat to help him get through the remainder of the week. I'm thinking wine would not have been a safe choice, but chocolate is almost as good. Maybe next year I should leave some tennis balls :-)

Anonymous said...

I just try and remain positive and think about what it feels like to be on the receing end....making sure everyone gets there packages timely. Also....looking forward to the lull in January. :)

Anonymous said...

I remind myself of all the blessing around me including my job. Yes it is stressful some days but not nearly as stressful as those people that don't have jobs and are looking for ways to get food every day and a warm place to stay. I love Christmas music and have it playing as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

I play Christmas music to keep me in the spirit. I also take great joy in handing packages to my customers...those they are expecting, and especially those they weren't!!

Mary Mills said...

By remembering that Jesus is the reason for the season.

Anonymous said...

Delivering packages safely & securely & saving people time from having to come & pick them up is very important.
Christmas treats & music on the radio driving home & little extra fun things & tiny thank yous & just seeing lights & glitter.
Staying in touch with family & friends in some way or another.
Relaxing well at end of day.
Darlen RR17
Hudson Station
Modesto, Ca.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with every comment and it always makes me proud to work for the USPS, especially when I read such great posts.Christmas is my fav time of year because of all the music, Christmas lights, shopping and the best of all, Jesus!