Monday, December 20, 2010

Snow man delivers

Postmaster Bonnie Bunch and Retail Associate Betti Knoll created this Priority Snow Man display for their Rose Hill, KS, Post Office lobby.


Anonymous said...

I really admire the talent that we have out there for making these cute things out of Priority boxes. I just wish I had enough clerks to get the mail up every day. This is the Holiday season, and I am working again missing a clerk and no hope of getting a replacement within a reasonable time.

Wouldn't one of you people with this kind of time like to help my office out??

Lisa said...

Does the USPS pay holday pay on Xmas Eve? I am a sub rural mail carrier & since the regular driver will be on overtime...I was called to work Xmas Eve. I'm guessing no...but kinda hoping maybe?!?

Anonymous said...

Sorry no Christmas Bonuses....and by the looks of things...none on the horizan anytime soon.