Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Twin Cities coalition sends 700 packages to deployed military memebers

For troops overseas, a package from home is a real morale booster. Twin Cities Post Offices joined with the 4th and 5th District American Legion, 30 schools and others for the 3rd annual Shop, Ship, & Share (SSS) event at Rosedale Center. SSS provides boxes of needed supplies, treats and messages from home to Minnesota soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Students and the Legion posts solicited donated items for the care packages and wrote letters of thanks and encouragement. They did much of the preparation of the boxes, which were finished by volunteers at the Rosedale event. Postage on the boxes was paid through donations gathered by Legion posts throughout the Twin Cities, and by the generosity of shoppers who stopped at Shop, Ship & Share to add their support.

In all, more than 680 boxes are now on their way to provide holiday cheer. “This is spectacular,” said 4th District Legion Commander Teresa Ash, who headed up the effort. “It’s difficult to put into words how much this support means.”

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