Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mail Icons

Mail box, mail truck, mail man....these have become iconic expressions in our culture. But today there are so many variations it renders the icons out of date.

The mail "man" might actually be female. The mail "box" has taken on all sorts of shapes. And the mail "truck" is now a van, SUV, bicycle, boat, even a donkey!

But icons live on. The mail is such a part of every one's life that they can all relate to it. There is such a basic understanding of the overall purpose and meaning of the service that the public gets it no matter what forms it takes.

A more accurate description of what we do might be, "A mail person arrives by some form of transportation and delivers to some form of dedicated receptacle."

Kind of dry, but the mission is still simple.

Can we continue? Can we fulfill my centuries old dream of a united postal delivery?

Weigh in here and let me know!

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Anonymous said...

Can we continue? Of course we can and we will. And most people in the United States are "politically incorrect" in possibly only one sense -- it, and always will be, the MAILMAN, the MAILBOX and the MAIL TRUCK. The public needs to be aware that we are as dedicated to our jobs as any member of the military is to theirs; they make sure that we continue to have our freedom, we deliver it - to every last door step in the country and to every military member whereever they may be.

And, on top of all that, we are cheaper than any of the other guys (oops, "politically correct" !

Debby Carlson
Secretary, Glendale Remote Encoding Center, Glendale Arizona