Monday, November 10, 2008

Once a Marine, Always a Marine

On Oct. 10, 2004, Kyle Anderson was about two months into his deployment in Iraq with the Marines when his life changed forever.

An improvised explosive device shattered his skull. The contents of the "dirty bomb" creted a massive infection.
But last Friday, Kyle stopped in to the Eagan Branch Post Office in suburban St. Paul, MN. He's pictured here with fellow Marine Bob MClean. He handed out Veteran's Day recognition pins to employee veterans and shared hugs, good cheer and an ever-present smile.
He walks with a cane, has little use of his right arm and is deaf in his right ear. Speaking is a chore because the inside of much of his mouth is paralyzed. So his mom, Eagan Branch Manager Mary Kylander, speaks for him. "He never gets mad, always keeps his spirits up and raises the spirits of everyone around him," she said. "He's fought like a hound to get where he is and he'd do it all over again if he had the chance."
Thank a veteran today.

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