Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This is an advertisement for a conversion item that the postal service tried using at one time.
The Smithsonian National Postal Museum in Washington, DC, has one on display.

No word on how successful they were, but we can guess since they didn't stick around long.

Maybe there's some kind of conversion or adaption USPS can use in other areas to help save some money.

Give us your best idea.


Anonymous said...

Actually this was a vastly successful conversion for the model T and there are still clubs and organizations out there even today that celebrate these unique vehicles. check out this site: http://www.modeltfordsnowmobile.com/
It would be great to come up with some type of conversion plan that would last as long as this particular item!

Benny the Blogger said...

Good to hear the item itself is still around - though not in use commonly today.

And though it wasn't used long by the Postal Service, like some of our short-term trials today, it kept us looking and thinking and working toward ways to innovate.

Thanks for the additional information.