Monday, March 23, 2009

Get involved

A couple of years ago Crosby, MN Postmaster Michael Rawlings attended a WWII veterans’ award ceremony. While there, he heard a member of a local vets’ support group voice concerns about the Postal Service and mailing issues.

He joined the conversation and has been the mailing expert for the group ever since. And today the Aitkin County Persian Gulf Support Group generates approximately $4,000 annual postal revenue by shipping care packages to troops.

The group recently received local media attention by shipping 48 10-pound boxes of venison sticks and other goodies, giving the soldiers a well-deserved taste of home. The venison treat is an annual affair during January and February. The support group sends packages on a monthly basis.

“When we volunteer in our communities, it can have a positive effect on our business as well,” Rawlings said.

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