Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Shred it!

The Spokane and Boise Post Offices and the Spokane District promoted National Consumer Protection Week with a number of successful events that were attended by area residents and media.

Spokane postal staff, Inspectors and local agencies visited five area senior retirement centers and provided helpful identity theft prevention and anti-scam tips.
The Spokane Post Office, with the support of the Association of Certified Examiners and other law enforcement agencies and volunteers, also hosted a public document shredding party.
"Everything we did was well-received by these communities, our customers, and the media, said Spokane District Consumer Affairs Manager Steve Rorie.
"Our employees, the Inspection Service and all the agencies involved did a fantastic job," added Spokane Customer Relations Coordinator Lisa Nystuen.

"McGruff the Crime Dog," the Spokane Police Dept.’s mascot, was a big hit at Spokane’s NCPW events. Here he joins forces with Spokane City Carriers Donna Miller and Dolores Gonzales. Photo courtesy of Lisa Nystuen.

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