Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One wheeled commuter

Sioux Falls, SD TACS Manager Duaine Hillstad draws plenty of attention from fellow commuters during his trip to work.

Every other day, until the snow piles up, Hillstad makes the five-mile trip on a unicycle that his daughters gave him as a Father’s Day gag gift six years ago. He took up their challenge to stay upright and, after a couple of summers of bumps and bruises, progressed to the point where he was ready to take on the 50-minute commute.

"Just learning the skill is the toughest part," he says. "But once your mind figures it out things go pretty smoothly."

He’s progressed now to the point where he also bounces a tennis ball while he rides to keep his hands occupied. The trick isn’t lost on other commuters, who cheer, clap and occasionally take his picture.

And on the days he rides his unicycle, Hillstad never has to fight other employees for a parking spot.

How do you get to work? How far do you drive? Do you take public transportation? Comment here.


Anonymous said...

I drive 72 miles round trip and public transportation is not an option, neither is car pooling. I did purchase a more fuel efficient vehicle last year and that helps cut down on expenses.

Anonymous said...

Great way to stay physically fit. I drive 64 miles round trip, and drive a large van, alone, due to varing work hours.

Anonymous said...

I drive 52 miles one way. I have a SMART car and get 49 m/gal. No buses come out to my neck of rural america.

Anonymous said...

I drive 95 miles round trip 5 days a week. Public transportation is not an option in rural areas and due to my hours and isolated place of employment there is no one to carpool with. I recently acquired a more fuel effiecent vehicle. The wear and tear on a vehicle is costly not to mention the wear and tear mentally and physically on myself. But I enjoy where I work and I am thankful to have a job.

Anonymous said...

I Love my job....but, I'm thinking this is the push I need. I have too many years to be kicked out of a job I like to be put on graveyard. Good luck whatever your decision it.