Friday, August 7, 2009

My favorite customer

Last month, I asked who your favorite customer was.

Gas, KS, OIC Edye Martin talks about one of her favorites:

"He is a little old man in his 80's who has had a very very difficult life and each day he comes in and he shares a personal ‘history.' Some days they are funny but most days his ‘history’ is sad and his eyes will tear up and so will mine, but he holds back his tears and they never fall while those he has brought to my eyes will slowly stream down my cheeks.

Most days his histories break my heart but that’s why he is my favorite customer…………. I feel it is cathartic to cry, he is my ‘apple a day to help keep the doctor away’. There is a quote, I believe by Voltaire, that goes something like this ‘A tear so timid and so meek it would not stain an angel's cheek.’

Sometimes, for a man to cry in public is to stain one's life with shame. So, this little old man is very special to me for he is willing to poor out his soul even if it means feeling shame if anyone were to walk in and see his eyes brimming over and him struggling to keep the tears from falling."

Who's your favorite customer? Drop me a note here.

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