Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Carrier saves life

Superior WI TE Gloria Sramek
Superior WI Letter Carrier, Gloria Sramek, saved a life of a baby while out on her route for the day.

A young couple were outside their home, calling for help and claiming that their baby had died.

Sramek observed the baby was blue in color and not breathing. She initiated CPR and emergency crews took over a few minutes later.

First responders credited Sramek with saving the baby's life.

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grannybunny said...

I think it's awesome. The SWA office has made CPR training available to us, and it's a wonderful thing. Two SWA employees died on the job. The CPR was not able to revive them, but at least their co-workers know they did everything they could for them. It would be great to have AED devices available in Postal facilities, too.

Anonymous said...

One word. AWESOME!!!! There are times you cannot deny the Master puts you where you need to be at the right time!

Anonymous said...

Most postal employees are wonderful giving people just like this. Only a rare few bad apples spoil the reputation of the whole bunch. God bless this woman who saved this couple's baby.

Anonymous said...

finally something positive to report about the USPS

Anonymous said...

Great work. For those couples whose baby you saved, you are God sent Angel. No one could do that you did to their baby.

larocca said...

Yhea to a postal hero congrats from another postal employee. You make me proud. Merry Christmas