Thursday, January 26, 2012

No Couch Potato

Clerk Randy Craig helps a customer at the Coeur d'Alene Post Office.

USPS Clerk Randy Craig is responsible for following a pair of mail thieves, and reporting their license number to the police.

It was near midnight when his family dog started barking. When Craig peeked outside he saw a car with two people inside. They were driving slowly, stopping, and checking mailboxes.

"Once the dog woofed I heard the vehicle, and then I started hearing boxes slamming, one after the other," said  Craig. "I was upset these guys were stealing mail."

Fearing they might get away, Craig ran out bare-chested in only his pajama bottoms, and got in his car to follow them.  When they stopped at some more mailboxes, he pulled over some distance behind them and got the license number from their vehicle.

He returned home and called the police. They quickly showed up and arrested the suspects who had been ditching items out their window.

No one recommends confronting thieves, but for Randy Craig, when he heard something going on he had to report it.

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