Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Postal Pet-a-pooloza

Sales of Animal Rescue: Adopt a Shelter Pet stamps have topped 4.9 million panes as of June 14. The sales total more than $43 million.

Some of the reason have been great events, like one that the Boulder, CO, Valmont Station Post Office and the Humane Society of Boulder Valley recently hosted.

The Humane Society was recognized for their tremendous success in promoting pet adoption and in educating the public about responsible pet care.

The 25 children from the Camp Muddy Paws pet care program created colorful posters depicting how the stamps promote the humane treatment of animals. Pet stamps were also sold at the event.

"It is my hope that these stamps will inspire folks to adopt a shelter animal. How can you resist those smiling faces," said Kat Burns, Director of Veterinary Services for the Humane Society of Boulder Valley.

The stamps were definitely the "cat's meow" for all who attended that day!

How have the stamps been selling in your office?


Anonymous said...

Stocked up on these and they have barely been moving, but the Cowboys of the Silver Screen sold out first week and almost immediately were sold out nation wide.

Anonymous said...

I am a small office and I ordered 1000 of these stamps and have had to order 1000 more. Between the Love Pansies and Pets I have really been bust.

Anonymous said...

My PO is in a very rural, ranching community and the Shelter Pet stamps aren't selling at all. The Cowboys of the Silver Screen were sold out in 3 days and I reordered once and was sold out immediately. Sure wish they would print more, as customers request them every day.

Anonymous said...

I've sold out of the pets too and have reordered. The older customers seem to like them most.

Anonymous said...

I have reordered 400 of the Animal Rescue stamps twice now. Starting to get low again on them. I have also ordered 400 of the Love stamps twice. Both stamps are a hit in my neck of the woods!