Friday, June 4, 2010

Station Manager competes on "Biggest Loser" television show

Looking lean and mean, with a big grin on his face, Elmwood Branch Manager O’Neal Hampton zipped up the flight of stairs and mounted The Biggest Loser scale one final time.

It was a far cry from Hampton’s first appearance on the popular NBC reality show back in January. Then, at 389 pounds, even climbing a couple of steps was a huge chore. The scale issued its final verdict – 230 pounds – and Hampton was more than 40 percent lighter than at his Biggest Loser television debut.

Hampton’s partner and daughter, Sunshine, was able to do her Dad one better, losing 41.45 percent of her beginning body weight. What the Hamptons lost in pounds they also gained in the form of a new, healthy lifestyle thanks to assistance from trainers, nutritionists and other medical personnel.

“It’s a brand new me. I feel so nice,” O’Neal Hampton said after his weigh-in. “I couldn’t have done this six months ago.”

Nicknamed “Uncle” by trainer Bob Harper as a tribute to his fatherly manner and the grim determination he displayed as he battled through the heavy physical exercise on balky knees, O’Neal Hampton become a leader among the Biggest Loser competitors as the season wore on. O’Neal and Sunshine became fan favorites as well.

”You’re not just my favorite, you’re everyone’s favorite,” said show host Alison Sweeney during the show’s finale. “The Yellow Team has been a dream.”

The Hamptons continue their crusade for improved health and fitness at home. O’Neal has spoken to employees at the most recent series of Northland District Town Hall meetings. Together they will work with the Alliance for a Healthier Minnesota on the Biggest Loser Summer Challenge, a corporate competition that will ultimately be available to every person in Minnesota. For more information go to:

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Anonymous said...

God has truly blessed them with the strength and courage to meet their goals. They are true models of inspiration. Good luck in maintaining their accomplishments.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed watching the Hamptons compete on the show. What a wonderful and inspirational journey they have had!