Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How to Lose 40 lbs

The reporter introducing the story said you might be surprised to learn that a postal carrier has a fast paced job.

Well, not really. How fast can you walk 13 miles and stop at every house and business along the way while carrying boxes and bags?  

In Sibley, IA a story ran on the local news about Chris Zoet who keeps on the move by jogging segments of the 13 mile route he covers on his job with USPS.

Zoet ran competitively in high school, but eventually the running faded away for him. He said he hadn't been able to run a mile for a long time. Now that he's hustling on his mail route he could probably run nine miles.

Along the way he has dropped about 40 pounds and gotten himself back into game shape.

You can view a video of Chris on the move at the following link:


Exhume said...

I tell people if you want to loose ten pounds of ugly fat just cut off you head....hahahaha.. I kill me...

Exhume said...

lose...crap...Well my joke is not as funny if I make typo's

Anonymous said...

Good for him for losing the weight!!

On the flip side...
Management must love him and I pity the guy who works for him on his day off.

Anonymous said...

Safety hazard - running on the route? I thought that would bring discipline. Anything in the name of cutting hours nowdays.

Studies have shown it is the distance which matters, not the speed.