Monday, December 8, 2008

If you use it, it will grow

I recently came across this great quote written by one of our own, Charles Mapa, the President of the League of Postmasters:

"Americans are a reciprocating people; if you send us a card or gift we are likely to return the gesture. America’s postal employees should view themselves as 'ambassadors of the mail.' We, as individuals, can help lead the cultural change back to the use of the mails. We can use it—or lose it. I choose to use it"

I wish I would have wrote this for one of my early bestsellers, but I'll give Mapa his due.
His point is, if we want to preserve this great organization , we have to believe in it. We have to believe in it so much that we use it.

We can't turn revenue around with just one little ole' stamp. But it can be the start of something great.

Using Mapa's logic makes sense. Send a card. Get a card. And others send cards. And it grows. What do you think about employees using the mail more?
(Photo credit Lisa Weber)

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