Thursday, December 18, 2008

Trading places

For the 2008 Combined Federal Campaign, Hawkeye Senior Plant Manager Jim Herrmann sponsored a drawing for employees of the Des Moines P&DC. Prizes included gift cards and merchandise contributed by local merchants. For a $1 contribution employees could enter a drawing for the prize of their choice.

Two popular items in the raffle were a private parking space for any month of the year as chosen by the winner, and the opportunity to win Herrmann’s labor for the day. The unions agreed to Herrmann’s craft work for a day.

Automation SDO Teri King was the winner of the drawing for the chance to reverse the roles with her boss for the day. On Friday, December 5th Herrmann kept his end of the bargain. King assigned him to work both as a mailhandler on the LCTS and as a mail processing clerk on a DBCS.

The employees helped Herrmann learn of things that were overlooked in implementing systems within the plant and he praised them for the positive experience.

The Postal Employee’s Relief Fund received nearly $2000 as the result of Herrmann’s initiative.
Benny likes it when postal employees give of their time and money. Any other stories out there? Especially during the Christmas and holiday season. Send an email to me by clicking here.

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