Monday, December 22, 2008

It’s a Wonderful Life! -- literally

It will truly be a Christmas to remember for 204-B Supervisor Eric Brooks and his family, thanks to the heroic actions of three of his fellow Denver Mail Processing Annex (MPA) employees recently.

On the night of Dec. 10, Brooks was working at his desk in the supervisor offices of the Denver MPA in Aurora, talking and joking with his fellow managers and co-workers. Suddenly, Brooks stood up, gasped and struggled to breathe while looking pale and distressed. His co-workers and supervisors there at the time included Tour 3 Acting MDO Ali Rashed, Mailhandler Paul Ramirez and Safety Specialist Paul Hill.

The three immediately sensed Brooks’ difficulty and rushed to help him. They all correctly assessed that Brooks was likely having some type of heart attack. They quickly went to his aid, placed him in a prone position, and began administering CPR. For several minutes, they worked furiously in attempting to get him breathing again and to get his pulse.
In the meantime, another worker called 911 for medical assistance. Within minutes, an emergency response team arrived on the scene. The paramedics quickly took over the excellent care and recovery efforts of Brooks initially provided by the trio. While Brooks remained unconscious and in still grave condition, the paramedics were able to get him stabilized and then taken to a local hospital. He spent the next few days in the hospital, but is now recovering very well and resting at home, with the hopes of returning to his job eventually.

Brooks is thankful for the three heros.

"I’ve very grateful to these guys. As far as I’m concerned they are heroes. It’s going to be a special Christmas to remember thanks to them."

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