Thursday, September 9, 2010

“I’m a vagabond," Postmaster is all about extremes

For many years, Chuck Keizer was happy to serve as a Postmaster in Randolph Nebraska, where he  worked for 24 years. It was his home for a long time and he was content.

At least he thought he was.

But then his brother, who was a Postmaster in Alaska, called him and told him about an opening in Barrow, AK, which also happened to be the nation’s most northerly outpost. He applied and got the job. Chuck served there for four years, surviving extreme winters and cool summers.

But his story didn’t end in the Great North. He and his wife took a vacation to Maui in 2007 to “thaw out” after a cold, dark winter. They fell in love with the place and later that year, transferred to Paia, Hawaii.

“I’m still in absolute awe of the sequence of events.”

Keizer plans to retire later this year.
The Barrow Alaska Post Office

Paia, HI, Post Office


Anonymous said...

How in the world would you ever keep up on shoveling snow!

Anonymous said...

I am a single guy...all I do is eat, sleep, work. Barrow AK is a small community in the remote wilderness and this was a perfect fit for me until I saw "30 Days of Night".

Anonymous said...

I hope they post that HI job, I'll bid lol