Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Intelligent Mail. Now that's smart!

Intelligent Mail service is one of 15 government projects — 10 federal and five from state and local governments — that has been recognized by InformationWeek as a "Government IT Innovator."

The publication announced the selection, stating "The U.S. Postal Service's Intelligent Mail service…represents a new era for the 230-year-old mail system, which still delivers letters and packages by mule in rural Arizona."

The article notes the service was introduced last year, adding it’s "based on a more complex bar code that makes it possible to track individual pieces of mail." It goes on to say "Intelligent Mail is more efficient while giving mega users such as banks and retailers better visibility into their direct mail efforts."

The editorial concludes by noting "Federal, state, and local agencies demonstrate that they, too, can apply IT in critical and novel ways."

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Anonymous said...

It's not field friendly. We should have access to the data base and the abiltiy to interact wtih it.

Anonymous said...

can the intelligence part be transferred to upper management? ;)