Friday, September 24, 2010

More Postal Haiku

There was a surprising response to last week's call for postal haiku. If you missed it, a haiku is a traditional word discipline, started in Japan, where the writer creates short poems. A haiku has 17 syllables in three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables.

A Twitter user, Postal_poems sent these in: 
  • Why write a letter? / to savor pen on paper / life between the lines
  • find cool postal stuff / usps mobile app / at your finger tips
  •  usps: neither rain nor sleet / we hear it every day / enough already!
And then many of you submitted your own. Here's just a sample:

  • We united our nation/ Built up communication/Cannot be replaced.
  • What is it we bring?/Heartfelt words from far away/Love in your mailbox.
  • We deliver mail/We link the World together/We must never die.
  • The Postal Eagle/His Priority is mail/Soaring for Service
  • Simple messages/Cut through the advert clutter/"If it fits, it ships"
  • Blue delivers/The eagle soars high/ we are the PO
  • Walk in drop it off/Amazing how far it goes/With just a stamp!
And here's my favorite : Benjamin Franklin/statesman, inventor, writer/we honor you now

Now before you get on Benny's case, I didn't disqualify any of the above to if they didn't meet the strict rules. But you get the drift, and I applaud the efforts.
Now, it's your turn. Here's the format:
  • 5 syllables on the first line
  • 7 on the second
  • 5 on the third 
Write you Haiku out and then post it  here.


Anonymous said...

Postal eagle flies
Reliable delivery
Customers happy

lsquare said...

I'm waiting for that
Million dollar letter to
Appear in my box...

Anonymous said...

Too much Monday bulk
puts everyone under stress
Safety compromised

Anonymous said...

Buy forver stamps
Holidays are coming fast
Mail your cards on time

Anonymous said...

Oops - misspelled mine

Buy forever stamps
Holidays are coming fast
Mail your cards on time

Anonymous said...

You should go to work
Be thankful you have a job
Unemployment stinks

Anonymous said...

Just forty-four cents
Takes your letter cross-country
Wow! What a bargain!

Anonymous said...

Do not privatize
Prices will be outrageous
We must work smarter

anonymous said...

two hundred plus years
delivering hope, dreams
binding our nation

Anonymous said...

From our humble start
Until today's vast network
Service we provide

Anonymous said...

Ben, we love your blog
You are extremely witty
Subjects broad and wide

Diane said...

Retirement is here!!
Oh, what a joy it will be...
My, how time has flown!!