Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Your Postal Podcast: Two for the record books

Believe it or not, the latest episode of Your Postal Podcast will wow you with tales of both a giant hailstone verified via Post Office scale and a world-record giant ball made of postage stamps.

Go to now and you'll also hear about the postal sleuths at Atlanta's Mail Recovery Center who get items without addresses to the right customers. For a transcript of this, the 28th edition of our audio program for postal employees, please click here

A National Weather Service employee holds a record hailstone found in Vivian, SD

While at, you can catch up on previous shows.  All of the podcasts can also be downloaded free at the iTunes store or via any other RSS feeder. Please click here to share your comments and ideas for future editions.

Thomas J. Lynch , Director of Community
Programs at Boys Town, stands next to the
world's biggest ball of stamps.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! I'm curious, if you add together all the stamps, how many stamps are there and how much money is invested in this work of art. Darlene, Carlton Tx.