Sunday, December 4, 2011

How the Cookie Crumbles

In the December issue of the Food Network Magazine there is an article about an experiment they undertook. It's called "The Good Ship" and they set out to find the best way to ship cookies in the mail. They sent three Priority Mail boxes using different packaging inside, and the winner was one that used bubble wrap, a cookie tin, and newspaper padding.

The photos show that all three were Priority Mail boxes. They photographed what was inside and what the end results were. With the proper bubble wrap packing only one sugar cookie cracked in the winning shipment.

This is good timely packaging instructions right when many customers may be sending holiday treats. And of course, only Priority Mail boxes will do when you are sending a special package.


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Anonymous said...

Stories like this are great for us. They're a subtle hint to send more goodies to loved ones, and this tells people the best way to do it--pack it well and trust the USPS!!