Thursday, December 15, 2011

What's On Your Mantle?

                                                                                      Photo courtesy of Greeting Card Association.
Canadapost has a holiday advertisement out that shows a woman sitting next to a Christmas tree. There is an opened envelope that has obviously been mailed, and she is lovingly looking at a greeting card.  The banner across the top asks "Ever Displayed An E-Card On Your Mantle?"

Americans have been exchanging holiday cards since the early 19th century. They became commercially produced and people started mailing more of them after 1860. 

With a history of more than 150 years of giving cards, what are the most popular types? What have been your favorites? Do you have some you still keep in a box? 

For a glimpse of some older nostalgic cards you can visit this blog:


Anonymous said...

I have years of old Christmas Cards I look through each Christmas. I have the envelopes from these also so I can see who has sent a card through the years. My favorite ones are the ones my Mom sent to me where ever I moved with special messages inside. Yhis will be my 19th Christmas without her but to see her writing and reading her messages just brings a warmness to my Heart each year. No e-card can ever do that.

Anonymous said...

Just a tip for all of you. On the cards(and all letters too) that I receive, I write the date on the back of the card and the back of the envelope. You think you will remember when you received it, but trust me - memories fade!!! I also write the date and names of the people of any pictures I receive too.