Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Al the Letter Carrier -- A Your Postal Podcast exclusive

Al the Letter Carrier has been a huge hit, giving USPS a marketing edge with its "if it fits, it ships" campaign.

On this month's,  Your Postal Podcast , you'll be treated to an exclusive behind-the-scenes visit to the Hollywood set where the latest Postal Service commercials were filmed. The ads star the Mike Bradecich, who portrays the likable and engaging letter carrier.

Mike Bradecich takes a break from filming his latest USPS commercial in Los Angeles
This month’s other feature story celebrates a New Hampshire mail handler’s half-century of service to the USPS. You’ll also hear a brief roundup of recent postal headlines.
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Anonymous said...

"52" years w/ the Post Office??? With the financial situation we're in and some of us concerned about forced early retirement when we are not YET READY?!?! Either the stories we're hearing are "bogus" or it is TIME TO LET GO of these "long term" employees. I mean, RETIRE AND ENJOY IT!!!

Anonymous said...

Really, you are saying you don't want to be forced into retierment but would tell others to get out. I am 38 and have 14 years with the postal service. I undrstand being concerned about the future; but deciding any one thing will fix the post office is not realistic. Besides we are the UNITED STATES postal service where we should be FREE to choose when we retire as long as we are able to do the job. Why shouldn't we be allowed to do it? Lets focus on doing our own jobs and doing them well. And how about a little less grumbling about all the change and learn to adapt so we all have a future.
- Happy to have a job!