Thursday, March 15, 2012

Everybody's Got A Price

Everybody's got a price: Whats yours?

Mike Causey recently asked this question.  He points out that buyout season is upon us. January, February and March are the months that buyouts are most cost-effective for Uncle Sam. Last year, 21 federal agencies offered buyouts to more than 30,000 federal workers. They ranged from 6,500 eligible in the Air Force to as few as 33 employees of the Army Material Command. 

Causey warns that when and if a buyout offer comes, you will likely have a short window of time in which to decide, and then leave. If there is a stampede, you may face a first-come-first-serve situation. For more thoughts on what to consider read Causey's article at

So what would you do if the boss offered you $25,000 before deductions to take regular or early retirement? Whats your tipping point?


Anonymous said...

Show me the money and the dotted line! I will sign and be gone. I have put in my time, the writing on the wall is clear and its time to go.... The longer I hang on, the more frightening things become. Get while the gettin' is good, so they say.

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't take it.If it was 25,000 without deduction maybe

Oh I See said...

$25,000 is more than I gross in a year working 42 hours a week performing all the duties of a Postmaster with no leave, no sub, and no benefits. Food for thought for those that think that amount is an insufficient parting gift.

Anonymous said...

To: Oh I See-At $11.45 per hr (based on your comment), r u a sub contract custodian? 25K is actually worth considering although my medical would eat that up in 5 yrs max, and I still gotta eat, etc. Hafta wait nsee I guess

Anonymous said...

PLease, Please, Please. I would love to take the money. To the comment above Oh I See is probably a PMLR.