Friday, March 9, 2012

Losing Your Zip

Michael Eckers is shown at the Eagle Center,
a world class raptor rehab center in Wabasha, MN.

Michael Eckers began his postal career as a letter carrier in San Diego, CA. He completed it 30 years later when he retired as the Dodge Center, MN, Postmaster. Michael also served in the Navy during Viet Nam, and is now the author of five books.

He uses those three decades of postal service in his latest book, Losing Your Zip. It's a collection of humorous anecdotes taken from first hand experience, including the original exam he took where they tested 5000 people for 500 jobs.

This is a light hearted look at what goes on behind the doors, and the counter, at a Post Office. He dedicates the book to "the millions of postal employees who have really 'delivered the goods' throughout our nation's history."

American military history being a passion since his teen years, Eckers' other titles have been non-fiction history books about WWII and the Civil War. He also does public appearances and reenactments.

Michael Eckers favorite saying is, "History is something to look forward to."

Author, and former Postmaster, Michael Eckers
dressed as General Sibley on a battlefield reenactment.

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Anonymous said...

How does one get from San Diego to Dodge Center MN?