Monday, March 26, 2012

Service With A Smile

Mitchell, SD, recently wished a fond retirement to postal carrier Jim Schorzmann.

Schorzmann, 57, was known around town as “The Smiling Postman.” He delivered mail in the Mitchell area for more than 26 years. Well-wishers filed into the VFW to grab a bite, talk over old times and wish their postman well. All signed his guestbook and a few dropped off a gift. He met them at the door and gave them what they came for — liberally distributing his trademark smiles while exchanging hugs and numerous thank-yous.

“That’s all I did. I just smiled and waved at everybody,” Schorzmann said, astounded at the outpouring of goodwill that drew about 100 people to his party. “I can’t believe how many people remember you because of that.”

It was a gesture that was simple, yet profoundly appreciated. Those who attended Schorzmann’s retirement party said his smiles and waves gave their days a boost.

"It was just a family tradition I picked up and passed along," Schorzmann said. “My dad always said about smiling and waving, ‘It doesn’t cost a dime to be friendly’ — that was his motto,” Schorzmann said.

A smile and a wave. So simple, yet to those Schorzmann served on his various routes over the years, it meant a lot.

Can you think of a time when a smile brightened your day? Comment here.

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Anonymous said...

Smiles are the universal language understood by all. Happy retirement to Jim.