Monday, June 30, 2008

Making them happy

I love newspapers. I was a publisher myself. And I love the mail.

When someone writes in to a newspaper that they love their Post Office, I get warm benny-fuzzies.

The Decorah Journal had a letter from a customer who moved to Norway, yet still comes back to the Iowa town of Decorah for visits.

He said this:"Just to see the sign of the Post Mary Weiss, Sharon Gerleman, Linda RaglandOffice gives me a profound feeling of being at home, and safe. At the Post Office, you still feel the joyful ritual of mailing an old-fashioned letter. It is a place of welcome – whether it’s in the freezing cold, in summer heat, or even in times of flood. Even waiting in line is a good experience. You meet people, hear news, and many times I have seen people come out with a happier look than when they went in. Thank you for such splendid service over the years."
-- Oyvind Gulliksen

What do your customers like best?

Decorah Retail Associates Mary Weiss, Sharon Gerleman and Linda Ragland have a reputation for putting smiles on customer's faces.

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Anonymous said...

My customers often bring small children, and I give them stickers. It is sometimes a "please and thank-you" practice that parents or caregivers encourage. One little girl stayed in the car with dad while mom came in to mail something. When she realized that she had missed her sticker, by not coming in, she cried so hard that her parents couldn't understand what the problem was until much later. After that, they made sure to get her a sticker, if she waited in the car. Now she is happy again.