Friday, June 6, 2008

Ship the chips

A Tampa television station decided to engage in a ship-off, pitting FedEx, UPS and our USPS to the test. The stations shipped tortilla chips, bananas and glassware in three separate boxes using each of the three services to a TV station in Baltimore, MD.

All arrived when promised. But one company (guess who?) was by far the best value.

FedEx cost an average of $37.78 per box for two day delivery. UPS came in at $33.94. The Postal Service? --- Just $8.90 each.

The reporter gushed, "It was the Postal Service that gave us the best deal."

Read the report here:

These fuel surcharges are getting ridiculous. In my day, if we had to raise prices everytime oats when up, nobody would have used us!

The Postal Service is a predictable organization in prices. No one likes surprises when they pull out their wallet!

This report really struts our stuff...

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