Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Talking turkey

Well, so far, it's not looking good for my idea of a postal turkey.

Sarah wrote me and said this:

"Benny,I don’t think having the turkey as our National symbol is quite as noble as our fierce eagle. I can foresee a lot of late night jokes via Jay Leno, David Letterman, and Jimmy Kimball. I take pride in my 38 ½ years of service, and I would love to keep it that way!!I vote no on the turkey……………….sorry Benny."

But Brook said this, " I personally like the postal turkey idea. It's kind of a double entendre but in a fun way. The turkey represents a lot in our history and has the backing of Ben Franklin no less. What more legitimacy does he need?"

Maybe there is another symbol we could use? Like the jaguar? Or the dove? Or a dolphin?

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Anonymous said...

Too many negatives on turkeys… we don’t need any help with such new “postal phrases”.

Anonymous said...

I'm gobbling this up!

-- Benny