Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Waiting for his birthday present

Ethan waits (im)patiently for his birthday card from Grandma.

Do you still send birthday, graduation, anniversary cards? Or are you all electronic? Tell me why.


Anonymous said...


I should have stock in Hallmark with as many cards as I send in

a given year. With the technology times that they are I feel by

sending someone a card it puts a smile on there face and gives them

a warm feeling.

It tells them that someone took a little extra time to remember them.

It’s a win win for everyone!!


Anonymous said...

Good morning,

I send cards because they can be held in your hand and read over and can save them and show them to friends.


Anonymous said...

I mail birthday cards to all my nephews & nieces. They enjoy getting mail and they can pick it up and look at it or reread it without turning on a machine and waiting for the right screen to appear.