Thursday, July 3, 2008

Saturday delivery -- a poll

Yesterday's post about Saturday delivery generated some buzz.

Here are the possiblities as I see them:

A -- Keep things the way they are.
(We've done it for hundreds of years and it's not worth the PR and service hit.)

B -- Skip Saturday delivery.
(Catch up on Monday. Perhaps we could still deliver P.O. Boxes on Sat. Just no physical delivery)
C -- Deliver on Saturday, but skip delivery on Tuesday
(Tuesday is a light day anyway.)

D -- Another possiblity.
(Use the 'comment' tab below to tell me your alternative.)

I've commissioned a poll of the fine readers of this blog. It is on and is right on the right side of the front page. You can vote anonymously, so let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

There is a LOT of politics surrounding a decision of this magnitude. I have a lot of years with the USPS and in my humble opinion we will not go to a 5 day delivery week any time soon; especially in an election year.
Iowa Postmaster

Anonymous said...

Why not cancel Saturday delivery with one exception. Still deliver Priority and Express for no additional charge. It would give us a leg up on the competition, and parcel delivery the day after a Monday holiday is what seems to be a large part of what hurts us. By still delivering our premier products on Saturday it could also increase revenue from people who previously shipped Parcel Post within their local area.

Anonymous said...

Taking away Saturday delivery might indeed save the Post Office alot of money on gas, but it will make every Monday seem like a day after a holiday for postal employees, especially the carriers. A day after a holiday type of delivery 52 times more a year might be a bit too much.

Anonymous said...

No Saturday delivery would result in triple mail on Monday.
No Tuesday Delivery would result in Firms and Businesses not getting a delivery.
I would opt for No Saturday Delivery with a "rolling" residential delivery which delivered to all residentials 4 times a week.

Anonymous said...

With the recent reduction in mail, it was a direct result of the Postal Governors pricing board. It was not broken before and now it is. Customers do not want to pay fifty different prices to mail something....they should have just stayed with weight and distance.

Anonymous said...

And, since most of the Build the Buzz campaign ads tout our Saturday delivery as being made without any additional fee, why in the world would we be considering stopping it?

Anonymous said...

If the Postal Service is really wanting to save money, we must discontinue Saturday delivery. In addition to the savings we would see in gasoline and the savings we would see parking our Postal vehicles that extra day, we could eliminate the Carrier Technician positions thus saving the higher level pay. We would also have the added benefit of improved morale since our employees would have weekends off!!

Anonymous said...

What about a half day midweek, instead of missing either Saturday or Tuesday? I realize that it wouldn't save any fuel, but it would save 4 hours weekly across the nation without sacrificing efficiency.

Anonymous said...

We should continue with Saturday delivery. This is one of the things that make us unique, people count on us.

JT said...

I am in favor of eliminating Saturday delivery.

moving to a four ten hour day format to handle the heavier volume. Saturday, Sunday, and one weekday off that can be covered by a TE,PTF, or RCA. We would still save on gas and vehicle wear since the routes would still be the same, sorting and casing would take a little longer but delivery mileage would be less one day.

It would be nice to enjoy weekends with our families. See our kids play soccer,baseball,or just be together.... and still have a week day off to take care of personal business and medical appointments.

Everyone would still get their 40 hours, and we would still be able to keep the part timers too.

I think moral would be better. less sick days too.. as it is now I get one day a week to be with my family

Anonymous said...

Yes the time has come to eliminate saturday delivery. Carriers will love spending time with families. Less sick leave would be used, moral would be higher. Savings for usps would be significant. I think it should be done soon before we go futher in debt.

Anonymous said...

Cancelling saturday delivery would save the USPS millions of dollars, and due to the drop of mail volume monday would become like the old mondays back in the late 70's early 80's in volume. We must stop the bleeding! If we cannot fix this problem soon all USPS employees will be unemployed. I am a carrier with 28 years and will do what needs to be done.

Anonymous said...

To save money why don't the post office put our pay stubs on line

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