Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We've got the power

Power outages are not uncommon in Steilacoom, WA. During the winter, high winds, driving rain, sleet and snow regularly flicker the lights.

But few expect the electricity to go out during the summer. Not so the case in Steilacoom Washington. City officials had warned residents in advance that power would be cut off for 12 hours on July 16, due to maintenance on its only substation which feeds electricity to its 2,600 households.

Virtually all businesses in the city elected to take the day off. However, the US Postal Service was available to provide full service.

“Our retail operations are business as usual” stated Tacoma, WA, Customer Relations Coordinator Dennis Shimomura. “We were able to provide our full service mobile van to service the customers of Steilacoom”.

Parked outside the Steilacoom Post Office in this quiet community by the bay, the van attracted many customers. Retail Associate Debby Spevak pointed out that in addition to her regular customers, many people stopped by just to say “Hi” and see what was going on. Business was brisk. “Selling ice cream?” was a question frequently asked by people passing by.

The mobile retail van is used throughout the Seattle District for various projects. The van was sent down to Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina.

Always ready to adapt! That's what postal employees are known for.

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