Friday, July 18, 2008

Stinky mail

I was sent a real stinker in response to my "weird mail," question earlier this month:

"This wasn't as much strange as nasty. One day there was a horrible odor coming from our parcel hamper. So horrible that we had to segregate the offending parcel on the dock. Since the customer only lived three blocks away, the carrier bungee-strapped it to his trunk lid and drove carefully to her home. No one was home so he simply left it on the porch. A few days later the customer sheepishly approached him and told him that the box contained okra that had been sent, parcel post, from North Carolina to Minnesota. And the customer's friend who had sent it told her "it had already started to go bad before I mailed it." Yuck!"

I have my own story. I knew a trapper who regularly got rid of 'varmits' from rich people's homes. he would trap beavers that were cutting down valuable trees, get rid of squirrels that found their way into attics and ground hogs that dug up gardens and the like. On the side, he would trap skunks and then milk their 'stink sacks'. He would put the liquid into vials and ship them to hunters supplier who would repackage them into 'hunter's cologne,' to mask the human smell. This trapper sent the vials through the mail. Of course, they were sealed -- but it was never enough to keep out that p.u.!

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