Monday, September 29, 2008

New Year

Between 1733 and 1758 I published my "Poor Richard's Almanack" with bits of advice and observations. It also contained astronomical observations used to predict the weather for the coming year.

With a new and unpredictable fiscal year ahead for the Postal Service, it would be nice to have an almanack to guide the way. Sprinkled with some bits of wisdom to help navigate the problems here and there.

We have the Transformation Plan which helps guide us in a general direction. But for the day to day, on the floor and street operations, we have to stay true to our calling from day one - to deliver service.

For 2009, we have to emphasize finding out what that service should be. If we offer and deliver what the public needs we will have a course to follow. What do you think the public will need or want in postal services?

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