Thursday, April 9, 2009

Don't have a cow, but the Simpsons get their own stamps

Today the Postal Service "unveiled" the designs of the five Simpson's stamps.

While much of the humor goes over Benny's head, I still can recognize the cultural impact of this lampooning family. Currently in its 20th year, it is the longest-running comedy in television history.

American's are encouraged to vote for their favorite stamps at
The voting starts today and concludes May 14.

What stamp are you choosing? Tell me which one and why you chose it by clicking here.

7 comments: said...

The stamp advisory committee blew it on this one. While I certainly appreciate humor, the show is crass, not that I haven't tuned it on occassion. But Simpson stamps? Give me a break.

Rick, Phoenix AZ

Anonymous said...

What's next? Jerry Springer stamps?

Anonymous said...

Playboy and Penthouse have had a cultural impact on our society. Will we be seeing stamps with Miss January?

Anonymous said...

Come on Folks....tell us how you really feel..

Anonymous said...

I think the Simpsons stamp is a great idea, it may make the younger generation rethink paying their bills online when we have "cooler" stamps to put on their bills. I am saying this because I am the younger generation and I cannot wait until they come out!!!

Anonymous said...

I think they are cute. Not as cute as the Muppet stamps, though.

Anonymous said...

The stamp idea is OK. It will be a big seller and that's really what it's all about, nes pas?
I have customers asking for it already and one customer that was a big purchaser of the Disney stamps is already planning to stock up on them when they come out.

However, what i find the most offensive is the screen saver images that are floating on clouds on our work computers.
The vote early -- vote often -- it's the american way cloud should be removed asap.

Women had to fight for the right to vote -- blacks had to fight for the right to vote --- men and women fighting in wars to keep this democracy safe and with it the right to vote are demeaned.