Thursday, April 23, 2009

Who's who at the Post Office?

Daisy Mountain Station, in Phoenix, AZ, has become the proud adoptive postal parent of two baby owls.

A saguaro cactus out in front of the office is a nesting site for a long horned owl who hatched two baby chicks (see picture).

To protect the young family, the Post Office has roped off the area from the curious throng.

"We can see them through our box section window," said Supervisor Lynn McLuty.

McLuty thinks the birds will soon be ready to leave the nest, thanks to hotter temps and developing wings.


Anonymous said...

How adorable!! We have raccoons and alligators in our Lakeland, FL parking lot from time to time. Nature is so amazing!!

Anonymous said...

If we notify the Bird/Wild Life Conservation group of our effort maybe USPS may be eligible for some funds or awards to being a good citizen and protecting the endangered species.

Anonymous said...

We deliver babies. Now we deliver owls. :-)