Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No horsing around

We all know that Post Office's bring out colorful characters.

Last week, on Tax Day at the Craig, CO Post Office, Customer Baden Whitehead, dressed in western hat and cowboy attire, and his horse, a Painted Tennessee Walker named "Osage," stopped by.

"Mr. Whitehead decided to ride his horse through our parking lot," said Craig Postmaster Victor Cordes. "He hitched Osage to one of our building posts, and then came in and mailed a letter. Everyone got quite a kick out of it."
What's the most colorful character that has ever come to your Post Office? Drop me a note here.

Photo by Victor Cordes


Anonymous said...

We had a turtle come into the Gove Kansas Post Office lobby. The turtle was rescued by the local Soil Conservation Officer.

Anonymous said...

We often have bats in the lobby or in the mail processing section. They are caught and released outside without harm as they eat millions of mosquitos every year. However the most unusual "customer" was a ferret that was found on our loading dock and managed to get in our back loading doors. He had gotten loose a couple of months earlier from a gal who lived in the apartment builing down the block and somehow managed to stay alive on his own for a few months. He was caught and turned over to our local animal shelter. His owner was very glad to get him back!

Anonymous said...

We have a regular customer that is the spitting image of Santa . It is always fun to see the look on childrens faces when they see "Santa" in July..