Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More stamp ideas

Many of you have some great opinions on what kinds of stamps we should issue. The responses have been varied … and interesting.

Some of you talked about health issues: A Teal Ribbon stamp in support of ovarian cancer, Women’s Heart Health and Homeopathy.

A number of people talked about stamps for events like graduations and birthdays. Someone else liked that idea, but suggested a generic “celebration” stamp that could be used for everything from weddings, thank yous, christenings, anniversaries, etc.

And there seems to be a need for other holiday stamps like Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day etc.

A couple of people thought about printing the pictures of Missing Children, “have you seen me,” stamps.

NASCAR might be a big seller.

And a trucking stamp got plenty of attention, as truckers move America.

Rural America got several suggestions: Country churches, family farms, old barns, tractors, farming, continue to have wide-spread interest.

And one of my favorites – Sponge Bob – doesn’t have a stamp yet. Someone else wanted to honor the Three Stooges.

And a potential big seller could be stamps with MLB, NBA and NFL teams on them.
To learn about the USPS Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee stamp-selection process, click here.

Haven’t weighed in? Tell me what stamp should be issued by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

Always & forever :
various kinds of hearts,flowers, smiley faces :)

Rhonda said...

My vote is for Nascar. It the fastest growing sport in America.

Anonymous said...

A salute to law enforcement.

Denise said...

I think the stamps should also appeal to the younger generation. Our future depends on them. We need them to send more letters/payments that than email and online payments.

Anonymous said...

A wedding postcard stamp would be very nice for the postcard RSVP's.

Anonymous said...

One of my customers was asking if we would make a Hello Kitty stamp. But they already did that as a sheet of stamps in Japan- very pretty too.

Anonymous said...

Several years back we had roses in red, then yellow and finally pink. Maybe they could be reissued on a sheet or book with all three varieties.