Friday, June 5, 2009

Looking for volume, USPS gives incentive for saturation mailers

While mail volume is taking a beating because of the bad economy, the Postal Service is fighting back by announcing its first growth incentive program for saturation mail customers.

This new program gives customers credits for annual volume that exceeds the number of mailpieces sent during the previous year. Discounts include:
  • 3.7 cents per piece for regular letters
  • 2.2 cents per piece for nonprofit letters
  • 4 cents per piece for regular flats
  • 2.4 cents per piece for nonprofit flats

This pricing flexibility will offer the Postal Service the potential to stimulate growth, preserve volume, and address mailer’s concerns about market economics. To access a fact sheet, or for further information click on the following link:

What do you think about this? Will help us in the long run? Tell me about it here.


Anonymous said...

The way to approach a problem is to be proactive, and this is exactly what the USPS is doing by providing incentives for large volume mailers. In addition, the priority mail campaign is creating much interest from the public.

Anonymous said...

These are unprecedented times and we need to do everything that we can to stay viable into the future. We are starting to really think like a business and that is a good thing, hopefully we haven't lost too much ground to gain some of it back!