Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"Trust me, I work for the Post Office."

On both sides of the ocean -- Europe and the U.S., the public trusts postal workers.

A broad international survey by the GFK group said that firefighters are the most trusted profession with a 92 percent approval rating, followed by teachers at 85 percent.

Tied at 81 percent are postal workers, doctors and the armed forces.

That's some good company. Trust is a long-term investment that is difficult to establish and easy to lose. So, for the public to trust their postal employee says plenty.

What do you think about trust and the Postal Service? How can we do better? Comment here.


Anonymous said...

When someone complains about not recieving stuff...i just feel rotten.
Writing a personal note of concern, following up & checking w/person on subject I believe helps. Also letting people know of postal inspector form they can fill out & give info to them of it might help situation.
Darlen RR 17
Hudson Station/Modesto

Anonymous said...

Surveys often show that the Postal Service is well trusted by the public. What confuses me is, with all the risk of identity theft online, why do people feel so safe paying all their bills online??