Thursday, November 19, 2009

Despite a tight fit, Reno employees save customer $100,000

A Reno, NV, accounting firm came in to mail their quarterly tax statements and the secretary used the Automated Postal Machine, as was her practice.

But the top piece -- and the most important one -- slid off the top of the pile behind the heavy machine. She couldn't reach it and she couldnt leave it, because the IRS would have imposed a $100,000 penalty if it were late.

A number of employees did their best to get to the piece, but the machine was too heavy and too close to the wall.

But Supervisor Bob Lastine rigged up a system to fish the mail out using two pieces of wire. A little ingenuity and a happy customer.


Desnie Czipka said...

Kudo's to Bob for thinking outside of the box! We need to use our creativity and ingenuity to find more things that satisfy our customers and keep them coming back.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Going the extra mile.