Friday, November 20, 2009

Oprah features five who shine

Five letter carriers will be featured on the ‘Oprah’ show, Tuesday, November 24.

The segment, titled “Unsung American Heroes,” will highlight the following city letter carriers:

Pattie Arismendez, from Bakersfield, CA, saved a toddler from injury as the girl wandered into traffic on a busy roadway.

Alan Girard, from Oakland, CA, along with other carriers, saved the lives of dozens of elderly residents during an apartment fire.

Melissa Kelly, from Bakersfield, CA, saved an elderly man in an attack by a Pit Bull Terrier.

Robert Sweeny, from Sacramento, CA, administered CPR to revive a mother’s lifeless baby.

Walter Hayes, From St. Louis, MO, came to the aid of a 6-year-old boy in shock after being struck by a car.

Of course, the Postal Service has hundreds of other examples could be highlighted, as we engaged in so many acts of "everyday heroism."

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.....all city carriers.....

Anonymous said...

As usual the Postal Servie is taking credit for something an idividual does on their own. The Postal Service really had no part in any of this happening. It was the person involved and not the Postal Service that needs to get the credit. If the Postal Service wanted to take credit they should have at least had something to do with it. They are riding on the coat tales of the actual heroes.

Anonymous said...

Why do you all have to be so petty? Are you so unhappy with your lives that you take something so positive about our fellow postal workers and turn it into something negative? Let's all applaud that our comrades are getting such wonderful recognition. Knowing Oprah, they will get rewarded individually, not the Postal Service.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful thing for our folks out on the street!!! No one said that the US Postal Service is going to be recognized, just these carriers. Lighten up!!

Anonymous said...

I watched the show and was proud of my fellow Postal workers. I am a mail handler and greatly enjoy the heroic stories featured in the So many tragedies would occur if not for the concerned mail man/woman. God Bless you all.