Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Show Benny some love

I admit it. I love attention. Whether it's inventing things, flying kites in electrical storms, or starting crazy things like volunteer fire departments and the Postal Service, I'm all about banging the drum and tooting the horn.

If that's not you, that's okay. We need the strong, silent types, too. (But, that's why Alexander Hamilton only got the $10 bill and I'm on the $100!)

Right now, about 900 of you are checking me out each day and I'm grateful, but there are still 619,000 others who are missing out.

So here's the deal. Would you send this simple message to five of your friends?

"Have you checked out Your Postal Blog? I read it and like it. The blog is full of information, discussion, and news and gives a unique perspective on postal life. You can find it here or subscribe to it here. And the ACE patrol won't get you for reading it! It's approved for either personal or postal computers."

That's it. Show me the love!


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Anonymous said...

Why not do like they do with the News Link and just send it to every ACE user. I like that the message is short but has value and is interesting.

JQ said...

Well Benny, the best advertisement is word of mouth.Maybe you are onto something here. I'll bite and see who I can send it onto.

MBAcarrier said...

I'm disappointed that you did not invoke the silence dogood angle.

Maybe then more of the cerebral persons reviewing this blog would apply themselves