Friday, December 18, 2009

Department of Labor predictions for the Postal Service

The Department of Labor issued a report that pointed to ten struggling industries that it says are likely to lose the most jobs over the next decade.

And yes, the Postal Service was right up there.

Here's the list by industry, with the number of jobs expected, and the percentage decline

Department stores, 159,000, 10%
Semiconductor manufacturing, 146,000, 33%
Motor vehicle parts manufacturing, 101,000, 18%
Postal Service, 98,000, 13%
Printing and support, 95,000 16%
Apparel manufacturing, 89,000, 57%
Newspapers, 81,000, 24%
Mining support, 76,000, 23%
Gasoline stations, 75,000, 8%
Wired Telecommunications, 73,000, 11%

What do you think? Is the Department of Labor correct? Too high? Too low? Do they know something?  Comment here.


Anonymous said...

That sounds pretty much on task. We are losing volumes because people are using other forms to communicate. Newspapers are in the same boat. There are gas stations every other block, or as it they could get hit too. Everyone else is losing jobs to the overseas market. :(

Anonymous said...

Gee ... i wonder how they figure things (?)
Hudson Station
Post Office
RR 17
(we stay busy)
Sometimes volume is up,
sometimes down.