Thursday, December 17, 2009

'Tis the season for shipping

Poem courtesy of Deborah Polhill, Sales Contract Analyst, NY Metro

‘Twas the holiday season
And across our great nation,
Was a flurry of parcels
With countless destinations!

UPS, Fed Ex or . . .
US Postal Service?
With all of these choices,
The masses get nervous!

Priority Mail
Through the USPS,
Why that’s just the ticket
To holiday success!

If it fits, It will ship,
That’s our handy saying.
You can send what you like,
There’s no need for weighing!

With flat-rate boxes
There’s just one price.
Now that’s how you make
Your Holidays nice!

Two or three days
Is all it will take.
Your packages will be there
For goodness sake.
No need to leave the house
So sit down and rest,
Our carriers will come,
They’re simply the best!

They’ll come right to your door
They do everyday,
They’ll pick up your parcels
And be on their way.

You will hear them exclaim
As they go out of sight,
Happy Holidays to all
You shipped it just right!

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