Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just what we need: More competition

United Parcel Service has launched a service called “Direct to Door,” a new product that delivers small boxes of advertising, at a price below Standard Mail. UPS delivers these boxes of advertising only to addresses that already have a delivery for the day.

Initial customers include Men’s Warehouse, Finish Lin, Williams Sonoma, Potter Barn, and Zappos.

What do you think? Does this pose a problem for USPS? Comment here.


Anonymous said...

Threats ? No !
Opportunity... YES !
HOW TO: compete with that.
Hudson Station

Anonymous said...

They will never beet the USPS for door to door delivery.

Merk said...

I think the competition will be minimal at the beginning since UPS doesn't deliver to every door every day. But if it's successful they could expand on it. I think USPS has an advantage in that we go to every household every day but we need to capitalize on that. We need to talk to the businesses that have signed up for this service and find out what we can do to keep or gain that business for ourselves.

Anonymous said...

We still have the advantage of going to every address every day, but we should be keeping an eye on this. Personally, though, I can't see how this type of advertising could be very effective...seems pretty "hit and miss" to me.

Anonymous said...

This is an opportunity for USPS becuase now we know another way to we can deliver mail and just we need 1 cent less than what they offer and find new customers and also contact these existing customers for better deal. I didn't know USPS could deliver only if they have delivery for the day. Does it help us by doing that or is that a regulation?. If it help us then we need to have different pricing for forced mail.